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Why Consider Having Your Masonry Checked for Repair This Fall

why consider masonry restoration building winter maintenance

One of the major benefits of masonry construction done by a precision masonry restoration Connecticut company is durability – masonry can be expected to stay strong for about a century –, but the prolonged exposure to water and salt might damage the mortar that joins the brick or stone components and compromise the strength of the masonry construction. Whether you have a masonry driveway, a masonry fence, a fireplace made from masonry or your building is made from masonry walls, having all the brick and stone structures inspected and, if necessary, repaired before winter is very important. Here is why:

  • Improved resistance to water penetration – masonry repair usually involves the repair of the mortar that joins the bricks or the pieces of stone as well as the sealing of the surface, therefore a repaired masonry structure will provide much better protection from moisture;
  • Improved energy efficiency – the crumbling mortar in your masonry walls might develop tiny holes through which energy slips out of your building, therefore restoring your walls by refreshing the mortar in the joints will improve the energy-efficiency of your entire building;
  • Improved appearance – masonry repair might involve not only mortar replacement, but staining, painting and straightening of the surfaces as well, therefore getting your masonry inspected and repaired is a great way for improving the looks of your structure.