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Why Masonry Is Great for The Climate in Connecticut

Masonry Worker


The climate in most part of Connecticut is humid continental, with mild, wet summers and cold, moderately snowy winters, only the coastal areas being humid subtropical, with hot, humid summers and rainy winters and occasionally snow. There are lots of building materials that can rise to the challenges posed by the Connecticut climate, but perhaps none of them is as efficient as masonry – here is why:

  • Masonry structures are durable and weather-resistant – if you choose to have a house built from masonry walls, you can be sure that you will be protected against the summer heat as well as against the cold weather in winter;
  • Enhanced energy efficiency – masonry walls stay cool in summer and warm in winter, making masonry buildings cheaper to cool and to heat;
  • Resistance to termites and rot – masonry walls do not use any wood, which makes them uninteresting for termites. The absence of wood makes masonry walls resistant to rot as well;
  • Maintenance-free solutions – other than occasional painting, masonry walls require hardly any maintenance. Masonry walls can be slightly damaged by impact, but the damage can be easily corrected with the help of caulk or mortar;
  • Increased value – masonry buildings have a higher resale value than buildings made from other materials and Connecticut masonry professionals are great at what they do.