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Why Masonry Is Rising In Popularity

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In the last few years, the masonry industry has had a very important role in our society. Observing that masonry buildings are everywhere, we could say that this type of construction is gaining more and more popularity. Due to that, many people are willing to invest their money and trust in bricks and mortar.

But why does this happen?

First of all, masonry is cheap and is very resistant in time due to the mortar between the bricks. Since ancient times, it has been used to create long-lasting buildings. Thanks to their strength, masonry buildings are also very resistant to earthquakes.

Masonry requires low labor costs, little repair, and it’s easy to maintain and do masonry restoration just because its surface is extremely durable.

Secondly, it is known that masonry provides good thermal insulation because it retains a constant temperature inside the house for a longer time than wood or concrete, both in summer and winter. This means a lower cost on your heating bills. On top of that, even though masonry materials are naturally porous and they absorb water, masonry buildings have moisture protection too, due to modern techniques and improvements in materials.

As a bonus, masonry started to gain popularity in modern home design because it has a smooth texture and its easy to match with many furniture pieces.