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Why Roof Preventative Maintenance Programs Are Important

Preventative Action Leads To Prevention


Regular, preventative commercial roofing Connecticut maintenance is essential for prolonging the lifespan of any type of roof – whether your property has a sloping roof or a flat roof, whether it uses special, impact resistant material or standard materials, whether your roof was installed years ago or it has been on your building for only a couple of months, maintenance is the best and easiest way to keep it strong and healthy. Here is how:

  • The importance of regular cleaning and inspections – removing any accumulated debris is essential not only for roof health, but also for detecting roof faults in early stages. Accumulated debris is dangerous first of all because it tends to absorb rain and melted snow and to keep in the water, preventing the roof surface from drying properly after rain and it should also be eliminated in order to get access to roof faults;
  • Timely repairs – the faults detected as the result of the detailed inspection of the clean roof need to be eliminated as quickly as possible. The remedy for minor faults is usually included in maintenance programs, but more extensive repairs will need to be scheduled separately;
  • Applying roof coatings – coatings that enhance the roof’s resistance to water penetration and UV radiation should also be applied regularly, usually once a year.