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Why Should You Install Concrete Siding?

Concrete fiber cement siding is a good alternative to other types of siding based on materials such as wood or vinyl.

Concrete siding consists in heavy straight boards that must be handled with care by at least two workers. Installing them also require the guidelines provided by the manufacturer, as well as special tools. Siding in general is a very technical process that must be assigned to specialists.

The advantages of concrete siding
First of all, concrete is a cost-effective material that offers a good level of protection as well. It is fire-resistant (class 1A), free of termites, flexible and it can withstand harsh weather conditions, for many years, without decaying.

Both vinyl and wood siding require regular maintenance (cleaning, washing…); with concrete siding, maintenance is a task that you can forget about, at least for very long periods.

Another advantage is that this type of siding works very well with insulation, which means that it will contribute to a better energy-efficiency.

The US Green Building Council also recognizes concrete siding as a durable and sustainable option. These attributes translate into very long warranties (50-years).  Look to Connecticut masonry experts for help.

The appearance of concrete siding is another aspect that must not be neglected: it can be designed to resemble other materials, it comes in many colors, and it holds painting.