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Why Tile Roofing Is A Great Investment

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Clay tiles are among the most traditional roofing materials – the terracotta pieces have been used for thousands of years in almost all regions of the world. The material owes its lasting popularity to the great features it offers – here are some:

  • Durability – tiles have a proven track record of extremely durable performance – clay tiles can provide protection for your building for up to a century, even among extreme circumstances, such as in areas frequently affected by storms and fires;
  • Resistance to the elements – it is true that clay is a brittle material that can be broken by very strong impact, but there is hardly any other material that can endure so much as terracotta tiles. Clay tiles can resist heavy rain and snow, high winds, fire and they are completely unattractive for pests, so your clay roof is completely safe from termites and other critters;
  • Attractive appearance and varied design solutions – clay tiles come in a very wide range of colors and shapes. The color palette includes not only shades of red and brown, but more unusual colors, such as black, cream, grey, even black. Clay tiles are also available in many different textures, in shiny and matte variants and everything in between.  Talk with New England Masonry and Restoration for roofing choices!