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Why You May Need a Specialist in Concrete Restoration in Connecticut

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The design of durable reinforced concrete structures has recently been introduced into national and international regulations. It is necessary for these structures to be designed to retain their characteristics throughout their lifetime, avoiding premature failure and the need for extraordinary maintenance and restoration work. Therefore, considerable efforts have been made in recent decades to define useful models that describe the degradation processes affecting reinforced concrete structures, to be used at the design stage to evaluate the material characteristics and structural layout of the structure.

Concrete has a number of contradictions. It is so popular in construction because it is extremely strong and durable. On the other hand, concrete is an unstable building material that reacts quickly to chemical or mechanical influences. Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken regularly to protect the concrete structures. This includes, for example, sealing or impregnating the material.

It is essential to fix the cause of the damage before performing repairs. A concrete restoration specialist in Connecticut will identify these causes and find the best masonry restoration solutions to prevent further damage. In this way, improvised repairs that will not have long-term results are avoided.

Concrete repair therefore consists of several stages:

  • Identifying and remedying the cause of damage
  • Preparing the concrete surface for repairs
  • Concrete surface repair
  • Taking protective measures to protect the rehabilitated or repaired concrete, in the long term.