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Will Your Building Become Unstable Without Proper Building Restoration?

Restoration Buildinng Construction

Building restoration refers to increasing the resistance of a construction through an intervention that aims to strengthen the foundation and the masonry. It can also be completed by renovation works, in order to modernize the building.

Any construction will eventually reveal structural problems, as the time goes by, due to earth movements, weather and factors that wear out different parts of it (e.g., improper renovation works). Without the safety of a solid base and structure, a building loses its stability and becomes a risk for people who live or work on the premises, but also for nearby buildings and passers-by.

Therefore, even disused buildings, especially if they are located in crowded areas, require periodic consolidation works to prevent accidents or even disasters. Pieces of such a building (plaster, decorative elements or bricks) can fall unexpectedly, and, in the event of an earthquake, the building itself may collapse, damaging surrounding buildings or causing other accidents.

If the building restoration specialists estimate that a building needs restoration, the works must be started as soon as possible. Currently, specialized construction companies can consolidate buildings shortly, without compromising on the quality of the works, so people living or working in there will not have to leave their home or office for a long time.