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3 Towns That Boast Some of the Friendliest and Most Peaceful Neighborhoods in Connecticut

Choosing the best place to live isn’t always just about the infrastructure, how many restaurants serve great food or how good the school system is. Although all these are important factors, you’ll find that, when moving to Connecticut, the importance of buying a house in a friendly and lively family-supporting environment cannot be emphasized enough.


  1. Old Greenwich


This is one of the friendliest and most diverse towns in Connecticut. Old Greenwich is peaceful, friendly and close to the beach. Best of all, the town is deemed extremely safe, fabulous masonry restoration services too, so it’s a great place to move to with your entire family. Whether you’re more interested in fashionable clothes or in having a good old fashioned American barbecue, you’ll find everything you need here.


  1. Weatogue


Weatogue is the perfect place to move to if you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful walk in the woods followed by a delicious meal at the local restaurant. A quiet urban community perfect for family life and filled with beautiful parks and soccer fields, Weatogue is one of the few towns with genuinely helpful school programs and where the local neighborhoods are all friendly, inviting and free of crime.


  1. New Canaan


New Canaan is quite possibly the perfect place for raising a family. Here you can relax and enjoy the tranquility and diversity that Connecticut is known for, while also enjoying a somewhat more upscale lifestyle. From 50s diners to gourmet restaurants, there are plenty of food places to consider. Also, the houses and mansions here are extremely beautiful, the school system is among the best, and New Canaan is close to New York City.