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4 Tips on Roofing Maintenance for Asphalt Commercial Roofs

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An asphalt roof is a popular option for those who prefer a more affordable alternative. However, as a building owner, it is essential to ensure that your asphalt roof is correctly maintained to the highest possible standards to enjoy its maximum protection. Here are four tips on roofing maintenance for commercial roofing CT asphalt roofs.

  • Schedule Regular Inspections

Asphalt roofs should be inspected at least once every year, but depending on the age of your structure, multiple inspections may be needed. Having certified professionals examine your roofing system will help determine the current condition and uncover any potential problems before they become costly damages.

  • Report Problems Quickly

When signs of water damage, leaks, ventilation issues, or other damages are noticed, report the problem quickly. Taking prompt action will help reduce the stress caused by expensive repairs and replacements. Don’t ignore outdoor pest infestations or any signs of indoor pests because these can also cause additional issues and reduce the lifespan of your roof.

  • Remove Debris

Part of debris control is regularly cleaning the gutter and downspouts of your roof. This will help to prevent excessive water buildup and flooding issues. Additionally, remove debris from the rooftop after significant wind or rain storms to reduce the risk of damage to the asphalt layers.

  • Make necessary repairs

Make sure to immediately address any minor repairs to the roof itself or its components. Missing or broken shingles, damaged underlayment, and damage to the flashing can cause costly water leakage and allow hot or cold air to penetrate the roof. This can lead to additional roofing problems and premature roof fatigue.