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Advice from Connecticut Masonry Experts: Keeping Your Building Robust

Expert Advice Connecticut Masonry

The most widespread structures are masonry constructions. These buildings have various functions, from residential houses to hospitals, schools or historic buildings. Because of the low resistance, ductility and low deformation capacity, masonry structures generally have an inappropriate behavior to different actions, especially seismic.  Being rigid and heavy, these structures are subjected to considerable forces.

In order to keep your building robust, it is good to heed the advice of Connecticut masonry experts. In general, they refer to the best and most innovative solutions for strengthening structures with masonry walls, but also to identify and eliminate as much as possible the causes that lead to the need to consolidate or renovate a building:

  • the appearance of important damages to some elements of the resistance structure;
  • increasing the loads that the construction or some parts of it have to cope with;
  • execution malfunctions, which got worse in time, due to the exploitation of the construction or the use of construction materials of inappropriate quality;
  • changes of the construction due to changes operated in the neighborhood (e.g., older buildings in large urban agglomerations, affected by new buildings raised between them).

When strengthening masonry structures, there are certain factors to be taken into account: the age of the construction, the type of masonry (natural stone or burnt/ unburned brick), the connection material between the masonry elements: dry masonry, mortars with binders (clay type, lime, cement mortar), the structural system (unreinforced masonry, reinforced masonry, confined masonry, etc.) and the type of foundations.