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Best Materials For Commercial Roofs

Commercial Flat Roofing Materials


Nowadays, manufacturers of roofing materials offer a long-dependable choice of products for flat roofs. Since most commercial roofs fall into this category, we are going to offer you more details about some of the best materials for them, and then, of course, you can ask a Connecticut commercial roofing professional advice as well.

Standing seam roofing

Standing seam roofing refers to metal roofing systems for flat or low-pitched roofs. Nowadays, most of them are made from corrugated galvanized steel coated with zinc. Other metals used in commercial roofing applications include aluminum, copper, tin and stainless steel.

Metal roofing comes with many benefits that make it one of the best choices: durability, longevity, resistance in any weather conditions, resistance to impact and fire, low operating costs and reflectivity.

BUR systems (build up roofing)

These roofing options are composed by asphalt (bitumen) and felts reinforced with glass-fiber or organic mats. This combination of layers creates a durable roofing membrane, very redundant and providing immediate protection. BUR systems are resistant to stress, thermal shock, punctures and provide superior fire resistance.

Mod Bit systems (modified bitumen)

These are made from modified asphalt (asphalt combined with a plastic or rubber ingredient), which provides increased flexibility, strength and stability. Modified bitumen membranes are installed as multi-ply systems, using different methods that ensure their excellent waterproofing property.