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Building Restoration Ideas

Building Restoration Ideas Planning

Restoration is a process similar to renovation, but its main goal is to make the building look like the original structure. Preserving and then using the potential of the old buildings could have as a final result a much lower consumption of resources and materials than demolition.

Often, the main step in restoring a building is the complete repair or restoration of the roof. For hundreds of years, the most beautiful and well-known historical buildings were covered with ceramic tiles. So, in order to preserve the original building, you should also use ceramic tiles for the roofing system.

Another important thing that you should do is repairing holes in walls. If the holes are rather small, you can use sticky fiberglass mesh and wall joints. If the hole is quite large, you can use a scrap piece of drywall. After that, you can repaint with the original color.  If you want a really special look for a specific room or even for the entire building, a bold decision would be to replace the old fixtures with replicas of the original.

Don’t forget about the wood floors. Basically, this is an important element for the original look of your building. Instead of replacing it, you can refinish it. It’s not that difficult to do it on your own. To make it look even more authentic, remove the old carpets and let the wood floor to be the star.

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