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Building Restoration in New England – How Far Can It Go?

building restoration new england

Whether we are talking about the restoration of a hundred-year-old historical monument, that of a small wooden house or the improvement of comfort in an outdated house that requires an upgrade in tone with modern times, the works necessary for this process are both complex and expensive.

Depending on the degree of renovation, you have to choose from several technical procedures, some more complicated (especially if you want to keep original, old elements), others quite basic (for example, changing the façade and performing insulation works). There are situations when building restoration works are needed only on certain elements of the building.

So, building restoration in New England can go as far as you need.

Old plaster can come off the walls or have defects. Depending on its condition, renovation works can go from simple grouting (where there are nail holes or other defects on small areas) to completely removing the old plaster and applying a new one, or installing insulation on the exterior walls. If you want a durable restoration, the basements and the foundation can also be insulated, so that the water is kept at a distance, which can considerably prolong the lifespan of the building.

When it comes to old buildings, the renovation could involve the restoration of some original elements and masonry ornaments, or even the consolidation of the walls, foundations and resistance structures, if it is estimated that they have lost their structural integrity.