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Choosing the Best “Green” Solutions for Connecticut Commercial Roofing

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In recent years, there is an increasing tendency of architects and building owners to opt for sustainable materials, which is a responsible thing to do, considering the increasing concerns about the environment, global warming and excessive urbanization.

In this regard, one of the best roofing choices for Connecticut commercial buildings is green roofing.

What is a green roof?

A green roof does not necessarily refer to its color, but also to the materials from which it is made.

When we talk about green roofing, we may refer indeed to those roofs covered with vegetation, similar to gardens. Lately, there is a trend, in big cities, to transform flat roofs into vegetal roofs, because it is a very nice way to bring more nature into the the urban landscape. Additionally, these roofs offer really great protection and energy-efficiency.

Besides the vegetal roof, which is literally green, there are other “green” solutions, that is, environmentally-friendly, which have characteristics that make them sustainable.

For example, the TPO membrane is reflective, given that it is manufactured in white or light grey. Thus, it does not absorb the heat of the sun in summer, transferring it indoors, so the air conditioners will work less, and the energy consumption will be reduced. That`s sustainability and eco-friendliness too! Talk with https://www.nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing for all your commercial roofing options.