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How Connecticut Masonry Experts Deal with Structural Damage

Connecticut Masonry Restoration

Stone, brick, and concrete masonry is a standard feature in the landscapes of Connecticut. From old buildings and walkways to modern structures and homes, masonry is integral to any development and provides durability and stability. However, due to age and weathering, masonry can experience damage and structure shifts, resulting in decreased functionality and catastrophic effects.

When dealing with structural damage, premier Connecticut masonry experts must first assess the cause and determine what type of masonry repair is necessary. The most common reasons are weather or aging, which can result in crumbling or cracking mortar, or environmental factors, such as water damage or improper installation, which can yield moisture or other corrosive damage, resulting in displacement and displacement of the masonry elements.

Once the cause of the damage is identified, the masonry experts must select from various options to repair the issue and ensure the structure remains secure, safe, and sound. The most common choice is the removal and replacement of masonry elements if needed. This process includes an assessment of the problem and the required steps to restore the structure and its original specifications. In many cases, this can involve using new materials, such as unique stone, brick, concrete, and mortar, and removing old, damaged material.

In other cases, masonry repair may involve the application of sealants, coatings, or waterproofing agents to protect the structure from further damage. Different ways to repair masonry range from injectable grouts and epoxies to stucco and lime mortar patching and concrete crack repair. In severe or irreparable harm, demolishing and rebuilding the masonry structure may be the only option.