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How Do I Know If My Brick Building Needs Masonry Work?

masonry restoration needed bad repair

In case your building contains brick walls or any kind of masonry structures, chances are you will need to fix them at some point. Otherwise, you may have to face some other problems such as water infiltrations, extreme temperature losses, foundation-related issues which can make buildings less safe places to be.

For instance, a bowed or bulging brick structure may indicate that your masonry may need some masonry restoration repair work. A mason typically removes the damaged bricks, evaluates and fixes the issues causing the trouble and then puts new bricks back into place.

Vertical corner cracks may be some other good indicators of masonry-related problems. This type of problem is less serious, and it is a natural phenomenon caused by building’s natural expansion. The repair can be done in various ways. One method would be that of an epoxy injection for filling the crack in the wall. At the same time, installing an expansion joint can be very useful for putting less pressure on the bricks.

Compacted bricks are some other key indicators of masonry-related problems. This problem can result in water infiltration inside the building. Also, one compacted brick is much like a virus, in the sense that it can cause other bricks to become compacted as well.