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How New Commercial Roofing Features Can Extend the Life of Your Roof

extend roof life commercial roofing CT products installation

The execution of a flat roof can be demanding, because its waterproofing and thermal insulation must be of a particularly high quality. It is also important to plan and execute the rain drainage system well  and provide an impeccable vapor barrier, which will prevent excessive accumulation of moisture in the thermal insulation layer. When designing the flat roof, special attention should be paid to every detail, in order to avoid errors.

Proper waterproofing of a flat roof provides good protection against precipitation and moisture. When performing this operation, choosing the right materials and installing them properly are of particular importance, considering that these features and details can actually extend the life of your roof. The chosen material must be flexible and resistant to temperature oscillations, ultraviolet rays, mechanical damage and ageing.

The solutions most recommended by expert commercial roofing CT roofers nowadays are single-ply membranes, as they have a durability of at least 40 years, if installed correctly and maintained periodically.

Turning the flat roof into a green space is also a modern solution that is becoming more and more popular. In addition to the fact that a green roof retains rainwater, it also provides protection against UV rays, prevents its own mechanical damage during adverse weather phenomena, provides additional sound insulation and increases the energy efficiency of the building.