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How to Avoid the Main Pitfalls of Improper Masonry Restoration

How To Deal Masonry Restoration

Mostly any home requires masonry, and sometimes masonry restoration Connecticut area is needed. If it is done wrong, fixing your masonry issues can cost a great deal of money.

One of the many things which can go wrong with your masonry is when you fail to use the correct type of mortar. Modern mortar tends to be harder than conventional mortar. Especially when you have to work with older bricks, lime mortar is the best type. For instance, cracks can develop if you use modern mortar on old bricks.

Efflorescence is yet another pitfall to be avoided. This refers to salty deposits with a white look and an alkaline pH level. Preventing efflorescence can be possible if you use some tricks. For instance, you can seal exterior gaps with caulk. Flashing may also keep moisture out, and you can drip holes to drain the water.

Rust and corrosion can be some other significant consequences of improperly maintained masonry. But you can avoid these problems with proper installation.

The flashing may also be poorly insulated. Therefore, waterproofing the exterior part of your house or building is yet another great way to avoid many problems with your masonry.

Seek expert help by asking for referrals from friends and family or searching online to avoid these pitfalls.