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How to Get Your Commercial Roof Ready for Winter

Tips To Get Your Roof Ready For Winter

Commercial roofs are in many ways like residential roofs: they need attention and care to be able to serve you well. With rain, snow, ice and freezing weather on their way, your commercial roof needs to be properly prepped, so here are a few of the things that you need to do to make sure your roof can go through winter without leaks and other damage:

  • Get your roof cleaned and inspected by elite commercial roofing Connecticut professionals – whatever your roof type, it needs to be cleaned before settles in to make sure that there is no debris that can trap water and damage the roof. When the surface is clean, your roofing team can start inspecting the roof inch by inch to identify any problems or weak points. The process should be extended to the gutters as well – without properly working, obstruction-free gutters, no roof can stay healthy for long;
  • Take care of any repairs and fortify the roof – make sure that all the roofing and gutter-related issues are fixed and the roof is fortified to be able to withstand the weight of snow. Fresh, dry snow weighs 20 pound per cubic foot and wet snow is even heavier, so you need a strong roof to stand up to that weight (and you will also need to remove as much of the fresh snow as possible right after the snowing stops).