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How to Maintain Concrete Through the Seasons

Masonry Company How To Treat Concrete Seasonally

Concrete is among the most durable and most resistant construction materials ever, but even this strong material needs some attention – here is how to maintain your concrete surfaces:

  • Ice removal – concrete surfaces, especially smooth ones, tend to become covered in ice. For the removal of the slippery layer of frozen water, you must avoid salt and other chemicals because they will erode the concrete surface – fortunately, sand is widely available and a very efficient, yet harmless deicer;
  • Stain removal – concrete is sensitive to acids as well, so when you want to remove stains, such as oil spots or grease, make sure to use special stain removal products intended to be used on concrete;
  • Use a suitable sealant – staining and the premature deterioration of the surface caused by the actions of water and harsh solar radiation can also be prevented with the right sealant. Apply the product on a perfectly clean and dry concrete surface and make sure to reapply the substance at the intervals shown in the instructions;
  • Take care of cracks – thin cracks can enlarge quickly, turning into wide, unsightly gaps in no time, so make sure to fill them quickly when you notice them.  Call for masonry repair at http://www.nemasonry.com.