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Increasing The Longevity Of Your Historic Building

Masonry Restoration Historic Buildings

We all know that a historic building means great architectural value.  Monuments and historic buildings represent a historic heritage for an entire community. This is why we must preserve and increase its longevity as much as possible.  The folks at New England Masonry and Restoration know the importance of quality masonry restoration.

In order to preserve a historic building, it is necessary to maintain as much as possible of the significant historic fabric and to keep changes to a minimum. It is very important for you to know that inappropriate ore unnecessary repairs may accelerate the deterioration of the original building fabric. This means also a bigger cost for future maintenance and repairs.

Generally, the majority of the older buildings already have a solid resistance structure made from load-bearing masonry. But over time, damage such as cracks and crushed walls can occur. So, if you want a longer life for your historical building, try to consolidate the walls first. This way, if natural catastrophes occur, such as earthquakes, it will be protected from falling down completely.

Construction specialists believe that the best solution to protect and to give a longer life to historic buildings is the combination of proactive and reactive maintenance which also includes procedures such as:

  • Underlying coating treatment
  • Restoring the genuine centerpieces and ornaments
  • Applying plaster from time to time.