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Why Install Metal Roofing in Connecticut

Whether it is a commercial, residential or industrial building that you want to install a new roof on in Connecticut, metal roofing is the

perfect choice. The first step is to find a commercial roofing CT company that is highly recommended.  Metal roofs are affordable, durable, weather-resistant and attractive and they work very well in the type of climate that characterizes Connecticut, so here are the most important benefits of metal roofs in more detail:


  • Durability – metal roofing materials carry very long warranty, usually around 50 years, but in most cases they last much longer without getting damaged, without warping, peeling, rusting or rotting,


  • Weather-resistance – metal roofs are very strong and able to withstand harsh weather, including strong winds, hail or snow,


  • Weight – the metal alloys that this type of roofing is made from are resistant, but lightweight, so metal roofs are the perfect choice for lightweight constructions that could not hold up heavier roofs,


  • Variety in design and colors – metal roofs come in the form of sheets or as shingles of various shapes and sizes and they are also available in many different colors from bright red, green, black and blue to more natural hues such as brown or terracotta,


  • Quick and easy installation – metal roofing can be easily fixed on top of the existing roof and it does not need an expert to install them.