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Is Advanced Concrete Restoration in Connecticut Needed for Older Buildings?

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Concrete and reinforced concrete are the most popular and safe construction materials nowadays. Concrete manufacturers state that, under optimal conditions, their products can have an infinite lifespan. However, certain environmental conditions (rain, ice or chemicals in the air), in the presence of poor concrete quality, with structural defects, can affect the integrity of the concrete structure.

This is why advanced concrete restoration in Connecticut is needed for older buildings.

Concrete is a composite material, consisting mainly of cement, water, and aggregate. Its properties depend on its exact components and on multiple technical factors. The anticorrosive effect it has on reinforced steel is thanks to the high alkalinity of concrete, which forms a protective layer. However, with time, concrete hardens, and carbonation appears: the structure becomes prone to corrosion because of physical or chemical factors.

All concrete structures require systematic inspections and maintenance. When you identify signs of damage, you need to diagnose them. This includes analyzing the documentation of the initial project, assessing the impact on the environment, temperature and humidity factors and examining the structure itself. Based on these, you can locate the areas where the most advanced carbonation manifests itself, assessing the condition of the concrete and the level of its neutralization. Next, you need to check the armature, in the places where the steel elements are exposed. All these steps help you to figure out precisely the level of corrosion and the estimated lifespan of the structure. Finally, you can choose the best method of repair with the help of https://nemasonry.com .