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Is EPDM a Good Long-Term Roofing Solution in Connecticut?

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EPDM membrane is a complete waterproofing system for flat roofs. Due to the large areas of these membranes, an entire roof will be sealed with a very small number of joints, which is a huge advantage, ensuring long-term strength and durability.

There are major advantages in using EPDM membranes in Connecticut, besides the small number of joints that keep the risks to an absolute minimum. It requires much less action to be performed on the roof, which makes that each roof structure is waterproofed faster and more efficiently, regardless of the installation type: partially or totally glued, mechanically fixed or ballasted.

EPDM membranes have excellent properties and are suitable for exposure to UV rays and ozone, because they are not affected, so there will be no premature damage or aging caused by the heat. An EPDM roof will need no additional protection. It can support a vegetal roof, as well as the installation of solar panels.

Quality-related aspects:

  • Lifespan: over 50 years
  • Suitable for any flat roof system
  • Suitable for vegetal roofing systems       
  • Significant return on investment             
  • Resistance to water and root penetration              
  • Light weight: about 1.23 kg per square meter
  • UV resistant      
  • Permanent elasticity Environmentally friendly
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Safe and fast application, without open flame              
  • Minimal maintenance

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