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Masonry Restoration – What It Is and When You Might Need to Consider It

Masonry Connecticut Building Structural Work

Excluding the degradation of Connecticut masonry structures as a result of design and execution mistakes, the main causes of damage to masonry structures can be:

  • The aging of the material (stone and binder);
  • The lack of construction maintenance and the appearance of the phenomenon of condensation, which implicitly leads to the degradation of the materials used to make up the structural element
  • The degradation of the foundation as a result of the infiltration of rainwater, the losses of the adduction or sewage installations, the raising of the ground water level or the change of its routes due to new constructions
  • Exceeding the load-bearing capacity of the foundation, in the case of new constructions, adjacent to the existing construction
  • Improper operation (operational loads above normal values
  • Uncontrolled interventions (suppression of some structural elements)
  • Dynamic actions on the foundation
  • Seismic action
  • Other extraordinary actions, such as explosions, fires, etc.

The characteristic damages of the masonry structures can consist of cracks, instability, but also the dislocation and partial failure of the masonry in areas with high stress concentrations.

If such a problem appears in a building, the owner or manager must consider masonry restoration services as soon as possible, to protect its integrity and the safety of those who live or work in that building. In the absence of such works, the damage will continue to expand, and the risk of structural problems may become extremely high.