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Do You Really Need Gutters with Leaf Guards?

Rain Gutters Without Leaf Guards

Leaf guards are great modern solutions to prevent gutter damage and clogging – made from aluminum, vinyl, mesh or wire, these guards are installed on or inside the gutters to prevent the accumulation of debris, such as twigs or leaves inside the gutter pipes and overflowing gutters. According to roofers here are a few of the benefits of having them on top of your gutters:

  • Gutter guards prevent not only the gutters, but the entire home – clogging is dangerous not only for the gutter, but for the wall that the gutter is in contact with, they can prevent you from having to call a masonry restoration Connecticut contractor later down the road. Gutters that cannot direct water away from the building can cause lots of damage, including basement flooding and insect attacks, so keeping the gutter debris-free is essential for preserving the health of the entire building.
  • Reduced gutter maintenance – normally, gutters need to be inspected and cleaned at least twice a year, once after winter and once before winter. With leaf guards, gutter pipes become much easier to clean and the interval the gutter can go without cleaning is also extended.
  • More security during the winter as well – leaf guards prevent the accumulation of ice inside the gutter pipes, so they make sure water doesn’t get trapped in your gutters.