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How To Spot A Leak In Your Roof

Roof Damage That Can Cause Possible Leak

If you notice a water leak on your ceiling, the first logical step is to try to determine its source. In most of the cases, it is related to a faulty roof, but you should not neglect other possibilities either (leaking pipes, for example). Once you have determined it is a roof problem, you must do your best trying to identify the exact place where it originates, which means finding that weak spot in your roof that may not always be visible.

However, there are some roof elements prone to damage and causing water leaks, so you should probably start with them: look for any kind of signs of wear and tear around vents and other additions, such as chimneys and skylights. They penetrate the roof and require the installation of membranes and flashing to prevent water infiltrations, but these materials are not infallible either.  The Connecticut commercial roofing professionals should be contacted, as it can be much harder to pinpoint a leak on a commercial building.

Make a flood test. For this, you need a garden hose and some soluble dye, plus the safety equipment to climb the roof.

Add the dye to the water and use it to flood your roof, then go to the attic (or have someone else to stay there) and identify the precise location where the water comes in.