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Tasks for Spring Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roofing Spring Maintenance

When spring comes with warm air and fair weather, it is time to start checking your commercial building for any damage left behind by winter. All components of your building needs to be checked and the process should start with the roof – here are some essential commercial roof maintenance tips for spring:

  • Cleaning and inspection – you need to remove any debris from your roof and then you need to inspect the roof surface for damage. Eliminate any dust, twigs, dried leaves, feathers and dirt from the roof surface and perform a very detailed, inch by inch inspection of the surface to find even the thinnest hairline crack and dent that can aggravate and cause more severe problems;
  • Timely repairs – all the problems revealed during the commercial roofing CT inspection need to be fixed as soon as possible;
  • Reapplying coatings – if the surface of your commercial roof is treated with water repellent substances or with UV protective coatings and the coating needs to be reapplied, the best time to do is after the spring cleaning, when the repair of the problems caused by winter is complete. That way, you can be sure that your roof will function at the top of its capacities until the next maintenance session, due in fall.