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The Benefits of Brick: Should You Consider Brick for Your Home?

Brick homes might seem old-school to some people, but they’ve definitely been making a comeback in recent years. Brick exteriors and brick walls function differently than conventional insulation, and can actually offer surprisingly good temperature control. Moreover, the style itself is considered to be quite appealing, especially with the new designs that contractors are able to provide these days.


Brick can increase your home value to a great extent. If you install a brick exterior, people will love the solid looking exterior, but more so, they will enjoy the fact that brick homes look almost brand new after 25 years and require very little maintenance or the need for masonry restoration experts. Very little maintenance is required, and you don’t have to worry about painting, decay or termites.


Another great advantage of having a brick home is that you can actually improve its appearance by painting it. Although brick and paint didn’t used to mix too well, things have changed, and these days it’s all about achieving that unique, permanent look. Since brick is almost impossible to revert to its previous look, once you painted it, that’s it! So be sure you get a color that you can really feel comfortable with.


Brick is a great choice for a traditional exterior design, but with new trends cropping up all over the place, it’s not a surprise to see modern homes adopting a brick exterior. Considering its practical benefits, it’s not even a surprise at all that such trends are more and more popular among homeowners.