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The Phases Involved with Masonry Restoration

masonry restoration process man working restoring brick

Masonry restoration and masonry repair are the two methods used for making masonry structures beautiful again. The two approaches differ significantly in terms of complexity as well as in terms of the techniques used, the most important distinguishing factor being concern for the aesthetic aspects of the structure. Here are the most important phases involved with masonry restoration:

  • Preparing the work area – the first step in any restoration project is usually the preparation of the area to be worked on through cleaning. The methods used for removing any dirt, discolorations or impurities can involve mechanical cleaning or the application of certain chemicals. This phase also involves the removal of any cracked parts or of any crumbling or otherwise damaged mortar.
  • Performing the restoration work – whether we are talking about the application of new mortar or about filling cracks, this face involves lots of attention to details as well as a sense of style that determines the choice of colors if necessary.
  • Final cleaning and quality checks – this phase usually takes place after a certain waiting time necessary for the mortar or for the other substances applied to dry and set. In the final phase of the restoration process, the restored surface is cleaned and visually inspected. then minor adjustments are made if necessary.