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The Process of Installing a Brand-New EPDM Roof

New England Masonry and Restoration EPDM Roofing

Installing an EPDM membrane on a flat roof is one of the best ways to protect it, as this type of membrane has a special resistance in any conditions, with a guaranteed service life of at least 40 years.

The installation of EPDM membranes is simple, compared to the installation of other coating and sealing materials, and does not involve highly specialized equipment or the use of open flame. EPDM membranes are manufactured in large rolls, so they cover wide portions, without the need for too many joints. Their fixation on the roof is made with the help of a special adhesive, so there are no nails and penetrations. The lack of penetrations is precisely what makes EPDM membrane a very good choice, since the risk of infiltration is minimal.

After thorough cleaning of the roof, the adhesive is applied with the help of a roller, followed by stretching the membrane. If the roof has a large surface and several pieces of membrane are needed, there will have to be a six-inch overlap between them, to allow adequate adhesion.  Following this procedure, you can continue to add sections until the roof is completely covered.

It is recommended that the installation of the EPDM membrane be done when the weather forecast does not indicate rain in the next 3-4 days, to allow the adhesive to dry completely. Local experts are always the one to ask https://www.nemasonry.com.