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The Pros and Cons of Using TPO Roofing in New England

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One of the biggest advantages of TPO roofing is the cost. Although some may think that it is just a cheap alternative to other membrane systems, it really isn’t. But it does cost much less than other solutions might cost you. And that’s great especially when dealing with large surface roofs. Depending on what the membrane is made out of you can end up saving a lot of money if you use TPO than if you use any other option on the market.

One of the downsides of TPO roofing is that the membrane has seams. Although you may not think that is important at first, you should consider the fact that TPO rolls have seams running down them and can pose a real problem if not installed correctly. That’s because expansion and contraction can lead to leaks between the seams. But that can be taken care of easily, by using the right adhesives and positioning the membrane just right.

Another great advantage of TPO commercial roofing Connecticut contractors install is the flexibility of the material. Although there are other membrane-based roofing systems out there, almost none of them have the same flexibility as TPO does. And that flexibility pays off especially when you have a roof with a lot of things sticking out of it and an uneven shape.