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Understanding the Process of Masonry Restoration and What It Entails

Masonry Repair And Replacement

Masonry restoration and repair can be a difficult process at the best of times. You’ll need to hire experts who specialize in it and who can provide you with the best services in your area. Aside from that, even understanding the process itself can be a bit tricky, but you will have to learn as much as you can about it, if you want to make an informed decision regarding who to hire for the job.


The term “masonry restoration” refers to the work performed on any and all types of masonry that exists within a building or a home. If the masonry requires renewal or repair, a masonry restoration expert will usually be called in to assess the damage, determine the best method with which to proceed, and provide the owner of the building or house with an estimate on how much the work will cost.


The object of masonry restoration is to make a building look as good as new or even better than it was when it was new. Since many buildings that require this service are quite old, and since the materials used and the approach to masonry that masons use today will be quite different than those 50 or even 20 years ago, the process of masonry restoration will also differ.


Typically, however, the mason will use methods such as repointing – which is the process of replacing some or all of the mortar used for a certain joint – and various types of upgrades to ensure that the building can withstand an earthquake, a fire or a certain degree of water damage better than before.