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What Is Liquid Roofing?


Liquid Roofing That Lasts

“Liquid roofing” is a term that became more popular recently and, considering that there are surely many people who are unfamiliar with it, we are going to explore it a bit, in this article.

Liquid roofing is the short version for “liquid applied roofing” and represents another form of coating. It is composed of different materials, such as aluminum or rubberized aluminum, acrylic, asphalt, cement etc., being elastomeric and extremely durable. This technology is used to add extra protection to a roof, thus being used on other types of roofing materials (asphalt, metal, modified bitumen etc.) and suitable for all types of roof.

Liquid roofing can help a roof withstand hail impact and other damage, it seals all penetration and may also include a reflective feature, for roofs situated in warm and sunny areas. You can get all these in one product, find out more http://www.nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing!

Adding liquid roofing is an easy and affordable method that brings all these significant advantages and also provides up to 25 years of life (this number depends on the materials used).  One of the most popular forms of liquid roofing today is stone-coated metal roofing , which is so durable that it can pass on to the next generation.