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What Is the Best Time to Consider Waterproofing Your Roof?

best practice waterproofing commercial roofing

The idea of waterproofing your roof is often one that requires a great deal of forethought. Even if you’re convinced that you’ve taken everything into account, that often isn’t necessarily so. One of the more vital aspects of commercial roofing CT that most people don’t think about in this regard is the timing of waterproofing and when the task should be considered in the first place.

Waterproofing is typically necessary in the case of certain roofing systems, such as concrete and slate ones, that don’t have a very extensive underlayment, and can allow the water to flow straight to your attic and walls. Adequate waterproofing will protect not only your house, but the interior of the roofing structure as well, which when exposed to a leak could develop severe water damage and there may be consequences such as mold forming in the affected areas.

As such, the best time to check for leaks and waterproof your roof is a few weeks before autumn, spring or any other kind of rainy season that exists in your area will make an appearance. By scheduling your roof inspection and upgrade during that time, you will be able to minimize the exposure of your home and your roof’s interior structure to rainwater and other unwanted long term issues such as the formation of ice dams.