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What Truly Happens to Concrete During the Colder Months of the Year?

Masonry Concrete Restoration

When the weather gets cold, many things change when it comes to the way that construction materials tend to respond to the weather and temperature conditions. Many materials can no longer be used, since they freeze in the cold, and others can easily be damaged when temperatures go below certain levels.


Despite its remarkable resilience, concrete is also not indestructible. As the winter comes, concrete constructions that include building walls, walkways, driveways and external decorative elements in front of buildings and public areas, can end up with cracks and severe damage, especially in the presence of heavy vehicles and equipment. Concrete walls can also be damaged by storms and wind, and they require periodic masonry restoration Connecticut contractors to restore.


Why does concrete behave in such a way despite the fact that it’s considered one of the most durable materials in the world? Because of the constitution of concrete, the materials it is made of tend to expand and contract as temperatures change. Its shrinkage during extreme cold spells is usually responsible for cracks in concrete even if the construction itself is not too old.


The best thing to do in such cases is to call a dependable concrete restoration service and see how they can help restore your building or concrete elements to their former glory.