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What Your Commercial Roofer Should Do Once They Complete a Roof Installation Project

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A commercial rooferʼs job does not end with the installation of the roof. It continues with maintenance and repair services according to the warranty that both the commercial roofing CT professional and the customer had previously agreed upon. After a roof installation project is completed, maintenance should be sought with the same professional company bound by contract to provide services such as roof coating. The type of services required post-installation should be decided on after considering the following factors: roof visibility, location of the building, green initiatives, insulation, and original construction materials. In terms of maintenance, the roofing system should be considered carefully. For instance, TPO roofing lasts almost thirty years, and EPDM roofing lasts a maximum of thirty-five years. Their durability is only exceeded by asphalt roofing and Butler MR – 24 SS roof system that can last up to forty years.

Maintenance must be performed as soon as there is visible damage on the roof: blistering bubbles, pooling water, damaged seals, stained ceilings, dark spots on interior walls, mold, punctures, cracks, or tears. All in all, to benefit the most from repair services provided by a commercial roofer, it pays to consider the following: initial assessment of damage, money-saving options, reliable references, customized repair expenses, and free preventive maintenance advice.