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Why Masonry Is Rising In Popularity

Masonry Home Construction

The advantages of building with masonry are visible to anyone, not just to construction specialists.

The first advantage of the load bearing masonry houses is that they resist very well in the case of seismic movements. Any construction company can tell you that due to the mosaic-type construction, the structure is much more resistant, and the mortar between the bricks only adds to the overall strength of the building. Obviously, an analysis of the structure has to be performed at certain intervals, because the mortar may shrink or lose its consistency over time, in which case consolidation works will be needed.

Another advantage worth taking into account when it comes to the masonry is that these types of constructions manage to provide good thermal insulation. It does not mean that a masonry construction will no longer require the installation of insulation, but it does have the property of retaining heat much better than other materials, such as concrete or wood, and masonry restoration experts agree.

Masonry is also rising in popularity because it is a very durable option and has a long life span; testimonies are the thousands of constructions built over time. Additionally, masonry buildings are very resistant to fire and also provide good sound insulation.