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Your Guide to Commercial Roof Solutions

Commercial Roofing Solutions

If you are currently in the process of erecting a new commercial building and you are looking for the right roofing solution, here are the most popular types of commercial roofs:

  • EPDM roofing – also known as rubber roofs, EPDM systems are among the easiest-to-install and most durable commercial roofing systems. EPDM roofs are also easy to maintain and very resistant to any kind of weather;
  • Thermoplastic roofs – these systems are resistant to extremely high and extremely low temperatures, to UV radiations and to chemical exposure and they can resist hail and fire as well;
  • Built-up roofs – these systems are built from alternated layers of tar or modified bitumen and mineral granules or gravel. They are cheap and durable solutions, but they are somewhat difficult to maintain because the topmost layer of these roofs is gravel or granule;
  • Metal roofs – one of the most common and most traditional types of commercial roofing, metal roofs are durable, strong and affordable, but they require regular maintenance to be able to perform properly;
  • Green roofs – this modern, eco-friendly roofing solution is becoming increasingly popular these days. Green roofs are partially or completely covered in vegetation and are fitted with special watering and draining systems for ensuring the right environment for the plants. The solution is not cheap and it requires quite a lot of maintenance, but it improves the quality of the air both inside and around the building.  Look for a commercial roofing Connecticut company that can provide samples and estimates.