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When is Building Restoration Needed?

Tips For Building Restoration

Building restoration can mean different things. In the case of a historic, building restoration is performed to bring it to a known earlier state or aspect, being based on compelling evidence, such as old pics and descriptions and should be done by top building restoration experts. In this case, it has a rather preserving and rehabilitating purpose.

On the other hand, when it comes to regular buildings, restoration is typically performed to strengthen their structure and/ or reverse the damage caused by fire, flooding or other disasters.

There are four restoration levels that builders use on different types of buildings and for various purposes.


Preserving a building doesn`t involve adding materials or making repairs, but only performing some maintenance work to prevent further deterioration and makeing the building or targeted parts of it (roof, siding etc.) last as long as possible.


Rehabilitation involves a bit more work than restoration, but it is still unobtrusive and performed as a preventative operation. It involves strengthening some elements which would otherwise allow deterioration.


Proper restoration includes the previous two levels and also adds structural improvements , recreating missing features  etc.


Reconstruction is the most complex operating and is needed when a building or parts of it must be recreated, sometimes in  a new style and with modern materials.


Steps to Take to Repair Your Commercial Roof During the Summer

Taking Steps To Make It The Best

Commercial roof repair is not as difficult as it might sound or not for the professional commercial roofing Connecticut contractors anyway. As long as you know about the materials and products that are used, as well as the general idea behind the construction of flat roofing systems such as bitumen, PVC and EPDM roofing, you’ll do perfectly fine. Here are some tips to help you raise those odds even more:


  1. Plan the repairs on a day or in a period when the weather is fair and stable. You don’t want any sudden rainfall to catch you as you work on your roof.
  2. If you have employees working in the building, make sure to change their schedules, so that they don’t have to work too much while the repairs are underway.
  3. Buy or rent all your necessary safety gear. Unlike in the case of sloped roofing, flat commercial roofing surfaces don’t necessarily require some safety items, but you should always play it safe and get all the necessary equipment that your contractor would recommend.
  4. Read up on the type of roof you own, and then start with an inspection of the roof. That assessment will shed light on what the problem is, whether it be a leaky roof surface, improper installation, pooling or hail damage.
  5. Work intelligently, and get advice from your local roofers. Even if you’re good with DIY work, this is a good idea, and it can be helpful to learn more from someone who has a little more hands on experience.

The Best Connecticut Roofing Trends – What to Look for in the Best Roof

Latest Trends

Connecticut is a place that, despite being close to the busy East Coast, is quite tranquil and peaceful. If you just moved to Connecticut, you’re probably surprised at the quaint, relaxing countryside scenery and many green areas. Without a doubt, this state is one of the best places in the US to live in, and making your home look great here is quite literally like a walk in the park.


Most places in Connecticut have houses that mirror or blend in well with nature. Trees, flowers, rocks and rivers are some of the main inspirations that local homeowners have when renovating their homes, along with the classical architecture that has made its mark on the entire region.


When it comes to roofing, Connecticut is ripe with houses that have roofs that blend in well with the scenery including the commercial roofing CT business owners have installed, as well as with the bright colors, intricate finishes and straight lines of the exterior. Wood is not uncommon, and slate is also a favorite among locals, since one of the main aims is to have a roof that blends durability with fashionable aesthetics and a classical appearance.


For the same reason, metal and concrete roofing are also quite popular here, and classical styles and trends will never go out of fashion when considering the main roofing designs that Connecticut homeowners opt for.

The Benefits of Brick: Should You Consider Brick for Your Home?

Brick homes might seem old-school to some people, but they’ve definitely been making a comeback in recent years. Brick exteriors and brick walls function differently than conventional insulation, and can actually offer surprisingly good temperature control. Moreover, the style itself is considered to be quite appealing, especially with the new designs that contractors are able to provide these days.


Brick can increase your home value to a great extent. If you install a brick exterior, people will love the solid looking exterior, but more so, they will enjoy the fact that brick homes look almost brand new after 25 years and require very little maintenance or the need for masonry restoration experts. Very little maintenance is required, and you don’t have to worry about painting, decay or termites.


Another great advantage of having a brick home is that you can actually improve its appearance by painting it. Although brick and paint didn’t used to mix too well, things have changed, and these days it’s all about achieving that unique, permanent look. Since brick is almost impossible to revert to its previous look, once you painted it, that’s it! So be sure you get a color that you can really feel comfortable with.


Brick is a great choice for a traditional exterior design, but with new trends cropping up all over the place, it’s not a surprise to see modern homes adopting a brick exterior. Considering its practical benefits, it’s not even a surprise at all that such trends are more and more popular among homeowners.

Keeping Your Tile Roof in Good Shape

Good Roofing Tile

Tiles are the most popular and commonly used roofing material and they fulfill all the conditions required by a solid, durable and aesthetically pleasing roof.

Since the roof is one of those things that you cannot change or replace very often, you have to maintain it permanently. Here are some ways to take care of a tile roof.


  1. Remove any loose objects and make sure the roof accessories are properly fastened

Theoretically, if you have roofing tiles made of a very resistant material such as metal, you must not worry too much about its maintenance. However, various objects can occasionally land on the roof, some of them brought by the wind, and they can damage the tiles. They must be removed quickly, and lose accessories must be fastened.

  1. Invest in preventative measures

One of the necessary preventative measures is installing insulation and high quality gutters, to prevent moisture and water infiltration.

  1. Clean the roof

Most of the time, rainwater is sufficient to clean the tiles, but sometimes mold and vegetation may need to be removed manually, using special cleaning solutions and detergents.

  1. Replacing damaged tiles

Man, weather phenomena, or the action of time can damage roof tiles. Periodic inspections must identify these issues, followed by replacing the tiles.  You can find good roofing companies at places like http://www.nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing.