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Category: Masonry Services

How Masonry Can Be a Valuable Tool in Modernizing Your Building

Masonry Restoration Update Building Modernize

If you want a building that looks and feels modern, with all the most cutting edge features and amenities, you’ll also want it to look classy and follow the trends of the day. This is precisely what a well-designed building featuring masonry can help you do.


Masonry is often overlooked in exterior design and architecture, since it is somewhat of a timeless choice when it comes to building the exterior of your home or building, or adding elements such as walkways, fences and exterior decoration items for your landscaping needs.


However, masonry restoration Connecticut contractors offer can actually help modernize your building in a number of ways. First, masonry is experiencing a comeback when compared to other exterior trends, including even the most modern types of siding. Additionally, the unique look and designs that modern masonry presents can even give your building the look of an artistic, yet futuristic construction.


Finally, masonry is a great protective element when it comes to keeping hidden electric and electronic installations safe. Whether you have a lot of wiring going through the walls of your building, or you need to mask certain exterior installations, masonry can get the job done quite well, ensuring that your building will maintain its stylish look despite being overly modernized.

Why Masonry is Ideal for Connecticut Climate

Masonry Restoration Connecticut Climate

Masonry is a traditional building material that has been used for thousands of years around the world for several good reasons – the material is suitable for any climate and provides an attractive and durable solution for any geographical region. Here is why the material is ideal for Connecticut constructions as well:

  • Resistance in any weather – no cold, heat, moisture, wind or fire can get to masonry. The material offers durable overall protection from any weather as well as from the widest temperature variations and masonry restoration is long lasting;
  • Energy efficiency – masonry walls form a very efficient thermal barrier and is suitable for creating a building envelope that keeps the warm air inside in winter and the hot air outside in summer;
  • Resistance to pests – insects, such as thermites can cause serious damage in any construction that uses wood. Masonry walls do not use wood, therefore they are completely safe from pest attacks;
  • Maintenance-free building solutions – the exterior surface of masonry walls might get dirty or faded, but repainting the walls is quick and easy and a little paint is about the only thing you will need to refresh the looks of your masonry walls. Very strong impact can cause minor dents in the wall surface, but that can be quickly corrected with a little mortar and paint.

How Can You Keep Your Commercial Building in Great Shape?

Masonry Restoraton Roofing Maintenance

Being able to buy or rent your own commercial building is definitely a sign that your business is going well and that you’re climbing the ranks fast to becoming an extremely successful business owner in your area. However, when they get their first commercial building, most business owners have a lot of trouble keeping it in good shape and making sure that no maintenance issues are able to affect their business activities.


To keep your commercial building in great shape, you have to think about the top and the bottom first – meaning your roof and your foundation. While foundation work might be costly, it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later, to prevent it from impairing your building’s structural integrity, especially in the event of an earthquake. At the same time, the roof is also essential, since it keeps out rain, snow and UV sun radiation during the summer months. So keep track of any problems as well as of the roof’s age – which might require that you replace it entirely the next time a repair issue comes up.


The venting, heating and cooling system of your building, as well as your insulation levels, will also have to be kept in check. These are the systems and elements that are most effective when it comes to preventing your building from succumbing to the problems created by changing temperature and humidity conditions in your environment.  For great masonry restoration Connecticut area, be sure to go to the locals for services.

Tips about How to Prepare for Building Restoration

Tips For Renovations Masonry Building Restoration Work

Renovating your home is a great way to make your space more attractive and more functional, but it is a huge project that involves the prolonged discomfort and disruption to your daily routines, so you need to prepare for it thoroughly. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Determine your goals and stick to them – one of the things that can prolong the renovation process endlessly is that as the work progresses, you will discover new issues that need to be tackled. To prevent that from happening, perform a thorough evaluation of the issues that need to be solved before the project starts, create a roadmap that includes all of them and stick to that plan;


  • Determine your budget – perform a realistic evaluation of your financial situation and tackle only renovations that fit into that budget;


  • Plan for the disruption – try to make plans for how you are going to live with the mess generated by the renovation process. Determine how and where you are going to move the items from the room that is being renovated and what you are going to do when an important system, such as the water or the electricity, needs to be disconnected for a specific phase in the renovation process.  This is true for exterior renovations like Connecticut masonry restoration projects, taking into consideration the time of year.

How Do You Protect Your Masonry from Severe Weather Changes?

Protecting New Connecticut Masonry Work

Weather changes are some of the most problematic factors that can lead to damaging a building or any type of structure that uses masonry. Regardless of how well-designed it was, the masonry in question still isn’t made to last forever. Sooner or later, without proper care and maintenance, it can lose the battle of the elements and require a complete makeover in the end.


To prevent that, it’s important to take a few steps to protect your masonry from severe weather changes:


  1. One of the first things you can do is hire a dependable mason who is well-acquainted with modern methods for keeping newly constructed Connecticut masonry protected. In most cases, they will suggest covering the masonry with a special type of weather-resistant coating for 24 hours after the masonry work was completed.
  2. If the bricklaying work associated with a masonry project is not yet completed, and the temperature drops below 3 Celsius degrees, it’s important to stop and resume again when the temperature increases to more than 3 degrees.
  3. A freshly laid brick wall can also be protected from a sudden downpour by using terpaulin sheets. Make sure you check the weather forecast on a regular basis, and lay out the sheets whenever the forecast predicts rainfall.